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Gluten-Free Folks Eating Low-Carb / Low-Glycemic
Sweet potato pizza 
1st-Apr-2008 02:48 pm
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Cross posted to zenu_recipes

I'm still experimenting, but I figured I'd post findings so others can play with it too. After watching the last half of an episode of "You Are What You Eat" on BBC America, I took an idea she had and ran with it. I did not look up any recipes of hers.

This was so quick and easy! I think next time I'll bake the crust a little first so it's crispier. I also need to figure out how to keep it from sticking, but the stickage was minimal.

For lunch I made a pizza.


1/2 leftover yam or sweet potato, peeled and mashed
2 tbsp gluten free flour mix (I use Bob's Red Mill)
3 tbsp olive oil (roughly... enough to keep it moist)
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp dry oregano

Mash all the ingredients together until it is thoroughly mixed and makes a soft dough.

On a baking sheet, lubricate the sheet with a little more olive oil.
I think next time I'll also add some corn meal to keep the crust from sticking.
Top with your favourite toppings, tomato paste, cheese, veggies, onions, garlic, and bake in oven at 450 until crust is dark around the edges.

Note: This is how I made it today and I had to eat it with a fork but it was delicious.
Please experiment with this and comment here with your findings.
1st-Apr-2008 10:59 pm (UTC)
Parchment paper to prevent sticking! I use the stuff that has a bit of silicone on it. It makes baking *anything* amazing and gives it a great crust and prevents burning.

Your recipe looks great- I know that potatoes mixed with flour is a great way to make a flatbread/crust dough, so I bet it tastes really good.
1st-Apr-2008 11:30 pm (UTC)
Wow - This is brilliant. I can't wait to try it.
14th-Apr-2012 03:49 pm (UTC)
That's what I couldn't think of: You've made a gnocchi crust. Very cool.
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